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Three weeks until the MAGIC starts!

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Trapper Zoid


The contest is now officially MAGIC! I love acronyms made purely for their easy use in corny puns.

It's now only three weeks to the competition starts. Three weeks may sound like a long time, but to me it certainly isn't. I'd really like to have this prototype game library ready so I can whip something up along the lines of the contest as a demo.

Giving everyone three weeks to mentally prepare does have its benefits though. I've tried to stress how important polish and presentation is for this competition, and the three weeks warning should cement that home. If someone is struggling trying to learn a new engine or library during the actual week of the competition then they weren't paying attention.

This week I'll occasionally be listing more resources up on the contest wiki resource page. There's a ton of great free stuff out there on the internet that hobby game developers can use, so there should be no excuse for entries to avoid putting in music, sound effects or a decent attempt at an art style.
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This should be fun, I'll definetly be entering.

One question though, is XNA a valid framework to use for an entry?

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XNA is certainly allowed. The main question is whether you can assume that I have a working copy of whatever you need to run it, as that will count in the strict download size limit. extralongpants has asked me the same question and was researching the issue.

My opinion is that anything exotic you'll have to provide in your entry yourself, but if you can make a strong enough case that your framework is not exotic then I'll download whatever it is I need to run your games separately. If enough XNA people team up then it will be easier to convince me [smile].

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