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I spent all day screwing around with the lighting system; trying to get more lights in and I just can't seem to do it. For some reason multiple passes weren't working and shader model 1.1-2.0 only support 31 registers (each light takes 3 registers plus the other variables I need for the script.) So, it looks like I'm stuck with 7 for the moment. I could add a few more (like 2 or so) if I removed colors, but I don't want to do that.

I'm really starting to see the flaws in my engine (the actual engine code, not my code library.) Things are really screwed up, but I don't want to rewrite it because I always end up quitting after I start refactoring large sections. It's working, so I'm keeping it lol.

Guess it's time to move on to the next item on the list.

I just realized that a large portion of the 2D gaming portion of my library is fucked as well. I'll be really glad once I'm done with I:FoM and can rewrite it all lol.

Actually, I'm going to take a break and play Oblivion tonight. I know, I'm lazy XD.

Ok, I have to do something; there's no way I'm going to be able to make a playable game from what I've got. I'm rendering around 20 characters to the screen, the player, a single layer map, the user interface, and 2 lights and my frame rate is less than 50 with VSYNC off. I still have AI and pathfinding to pack into it without the frame rate dropping any lower.

So, I've got 3 options:
1) Remove all of the shader stuff I've added over the past few days. My frame rate was about 170 then.

2) Try to sift through all of the shit that I have and find the problem (easier said than done.)

3) Start over.

One would probably be the best idea, since it wouldn't set me back at all. However, lighting adds so much atmosphere to the game.

Two would be a major pain in the ass and would take longer than either option.

Three is both the best and worst option at the same time. Obviously I don't mean start completely over as most of my code is still useable (especially the interfaces.) It's the best because it could make the game better (run better and more efficient.) It's the worst because it could make the game worse and it could cause me to go "OMFG I HATE THIS KTHXBAI" and move onto something else (which obviously wouldn't solve anything, but we've all seen me do it before.)

I guess I'll spend tonight looking through my code to see if I can make at least SOME performance increases. Wish me luck!

I feel like a complete moron now. Switching to release mode and the release version of the DX sdk usually increases your frame rate -_-. It's still lower than what I think it should be, but it's useable now (it's about 150fps.)
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