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Happy Birthday to Mii

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I got a very pleasant surprise today as my folks got me a Wii for my birthday [grin]


The Wii is a really amazing little machine and I was blown away by it having WiFi out of the box (couple of settings changes and it connects to my router no problems). It is kind of funny seeing it sitting beside my 360 as the Wii really is so small [smile]

I've been having a blast all day on the Wii sports and haven't even unwrapped Red Steel yet. The urge to go buy Zelda: Twilight Princess is proving ridiculously difficult to resist, but I know if I get it, productivity will nosedive to zero for weeks to come [sad]

In other news, I have decided to not enter the DreamBuildPlay competition. I actually decided this towards the end of last month but didn't say anything. The reasons are quite simply I don't think I have enough time left to finish a well polished game and the usual lack of content comes into play [sad]

I have been working on something else a little bit special though, but more on that when I have pretty screenshots to show-off [wink]

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Awesome gift...there will be no coding for you for a long while :)

Happy Birthday !

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I want a Wii, but to be honest none of the games for it interest me; I want the virtual console.

*eagerly awaits pretty screenshots*

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I wouldn't sit it so close to the 360 :-) Heat dissipation may start messing with the Wii internals.


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Nonsense, they complete each other [smile]

Each Wii and 360 live for the day they can stand together as one Wii60 [grin]

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PM me your friend code (mine's 8338 2129 1411 4105); we can trade little mii guys.

I just added you to my friends list on Live, too.

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