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The LAMP is bright

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My server box arrived last week in one piece. I added the graphics card, installed a linux compatible network adapter, and plugged it in.

I'm using a KVM switch so I need only press a few keys and I can switch back and forth from my two machines. This is new for me. In the past I had used a manual analog switch box to share monitors with my PS2Linux box. This is definitely a lot nicer.

So I spent a good portion of the week learning about setting up an apache server. Ubuntu Server comes with an option to install the LAMP automatically but I opted to do it myself. I first installed OpenSSH so I could use putty to create an ssh session from my windows box. Then I installed and configured the mysql database. Apache and PHP were easy enough to install. I did have a few problems getting PHP mail() to work properly with my SMTP server. I think this has a lot to do with me not being an actual domain since according to the mail log the receiving servers were just letting the mail time out. Anyway I fixed that by using my ISP's SMTP server to send mail. No big deal. One of the last things I had to setup was memcached for PHP. This took a little bit of messing around to get PHP to recognize it but once I figured out to put a reference to the extension in the php.ini file and restarted apache everything started working great. Also I'm using proftp to jail in my user ftp sessions. I have decided to not install a web based control panel such as ISPConfig since I would rather learn how to do everything with the shell.

Below you can see a screen of the services running at startup using netstat -tap. Just for proof that I didn't make the whole thing up.

I feel I am in danger of becoming the 3rd guy in
" target="_blank">this video...
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Damn. That is a nice case. I don't usually go for the ones with windows in them, but getting a case like that would probably clean up my desk and get rid of this huge clunky server box I have now.

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Haha. Yeah I've never owned a case like this one, but the dimensions were perfect for the space I had and I do like to keep a tidy desk. It's not what's on the outside that counts though.

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