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Gameplay: ingredients to madness

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Game play:
Imagine a squad based third person shooter (Gears of War), with a magic system.
The feel of the game should be very similar to American McGee's Alice dark gothic, insane feel.

The best reference picture I can find:

The first environment I need will be called "the octagon". Essentially a giant structure floating in the air in the shape of an octagon.

On the walls I want there to be monitors, encrusted by vines. They will be static for the time being, but will eventually show replays of action (to be used for a future games IE Prime Time)
The sky will be a chaotic, a post apocalyptic red.

I will explain the attached picture. It represents a the top view of the Octagon, it supposed to symmetrical

There is a second layer. What I want to do is create a chess board on top of the environment. I want to carve the geometry into squares, similar to a chess board (dark beside light), but it not so transparent that you would recognize it is a chess board.

Each circle represents a room. The circles marked with an "S" represent rooms with magic switches. The switches have to be pressed several times to change the "magic field". Each room is marked with a color, this repsents which part of rooms (portion of rooms) are effected by the switch. For example the red switch effects all the red rooms.

If the field is non magic then it should then the chess board is very dull, however if the field is charged then the squares are alot more visible, they are essentially glowing.

Magic Field:
In the centre of each 'square' there will be a circle, when a player stands on it, they can channel energy and a wave of deadly energy (the longer they charge there the more energy is emmited). The circle should raise as the energy is charging, then lower when finished. (Think Elzaor from Dota).

When units are killed in the magic field they will crystallize (think Lost planet) and when destroyed they will explode into fragments producing energy. The energy will dissipate with time, but will float to the nearest person (if they are in a certain radius (God War). If the unit is not under the influence of a magic field will go rag doll.

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Just started reading your journal. It looks like you have some interesting ideas, and have been making considerable progress. I'll be sure to keep my eyes open for future entries. [smile]

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