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Fighting the Ogre

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I've been fighting the Ogre shadow system and near terrain renderer. It turns out that it uses different shaders for rendering ambient and color materials, vs rendering light contribution with shadowing. This means that, even if using the exact same code in both shaders, you won't get full invariance between the passes. and ugliness ensues.

In the meanwhile, I've resorted to using stencil shadows. Of course, stencil shadows, in turn, don't seem to work on static, "baked" geometry, using the Ogre StaticGeometry stuff. Grumble.

"Warts and all"

I'm re-factoring a bit of the LUA integration, using a bit of macro and template wrapping to get some meta information along with the actual function being bound into the LUA state. Given that I have two LUA machines; one for the main application, and one with level data, I needed this.
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