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I say we put MUSTARD on it!

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I spent today playing videogames, driving between various places for errands, and evaluating what needs to get done on Novarunner.

I've started using my bugtracker as a "to do" list of sorts; I picked this up from work where they use Trac to write down their sprint plans, which is a good idea.

The big plus now is that I can see what I have to do and check it off as I go, which makes me feel better about my progress of development. Right now I have 23 tasks to complete, but these should get banged out pretty quick as development proceeds.

Take a look for yourself

Tomorrow: I want to get weapons firing. That takes a lot of work, but I think I can make a good sized dent in it. I'll be ahead of the curve if I can take a screenshot of weapons firing.

Link: Danc's free game graphics
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Might want to remove the 'phpsessid' part of the URL, rav... You're lucky I'm not in the mood for mischief ;)

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