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Another Week Down

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I feel good about progress made this week...still have a ways to go yet though. So as not to burn out I decided to make a little pong demo. I figure with what I have so far why not, rendering, sound, input, collision.

It's been a while since I've done any game dev so I better find anyway to stay motivated. Hey and what better way then the ultimate hello world app for game programmers....Pong. Like most, I write all this code to enjoy the fruits of a successful compile and execution of binary goodness (sad...I know).[embarrass]

Anyway, I was lazy and didnt feel like doing any 2D sprite work so I modeled the paddle in Lightwave LOL. I also made a movie clip demo of the initial pong beginnings (yes, I keep making these movies clips). I havent had nothing to show for a couple of weeks so bear with me.

Regarding the pong demo game, this initiative was started too late this evening and now im tired..gotta go to work early. But I'll probably add some nifty looking boxes to blow up or something later in the week.

I still need better input code, networking, parallax scrolling, a particle engine and special effects for this engine with no name. Much still left to do not including artwork...oh wait?? aside from Pong what game am I making???

LW Screen

LW Screen

Pong Screenie

Movie Clip
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