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Teh Show Must lik Go on n stuff, rit!?

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Jeff has release the source to Blades of Exile - Nearly fell off my chair when I found that out. goto www.spiderwebsoftware.com for more info. Bleyme down.

Well its be a long time I know, but basically I have been busy doing about a gazzlion designs for my graphic design course ( well gazzlion may be a bit OTT ) for which I have an exam tomorrow.

The breif was to design a book cover, screen saver or animation based around flies. It was hinted that the design must be for children. Basicaly I looked at Eric Carle and Sara Fanelli and really liked the idea of using collage to make to make ungly things appel to a young audiance.

My first thought was that I really wanted to do a short animation (if you look at the wolf book by sara fanelli you'll see that it is just begging to be animated) however time got the better of me (it was around this period I started playing WoW :) and it really didnt seem like a viable option so instead I went with plan B which was to make a book cover for a childrens story (This is the whole cover - not just the front).

After I had sorted out what it was that I actually wanted to design I started doing some collages, the first few attempts were quite bad but finally I got somthing that looked 'cute' and scanned it into photoshop.

Once the collarge was in photoshop I had to remove the background and play around with ideas for colours (this is the fun part). So basically it was red, green or blue and as it turns out it looked best against red.

After first colour ideas had been sorted out I moved onto fonts (which I really hate) basicaly I looked at the nerest childs book I could find (something to do with burgers) and copied that font - which was Arial. Also tried out comic sans but that was to rubbish

- Continue -

Anyway after playing with the font I tried a few layouts - both portrait and landscape and in the end chose portrait because it 'fitted' the design better.

It was until last friday that I came up with a good looking design for a final and it wasnt until today that i pimed it up so now I have everything required for the exam and all I have to do is stick it all down (part of which I have already done) and write an evaluation. Job done.

Now all I have to worry about is a maths exam this coming monday and a computing exam the following tuesday (21st and 22nd).



On the dev side, I have almost got the game framework done and also the editor I just need to glew it together and do a few things here and there.
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Yeah, I saw the Blades of Exile source too. I'm sort of wondering if I should go hunting for Codewarrior -> Xcode conversion tools, or if I should just wait until someone makes a nice SDL port.

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