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It continues to surprise me the lack of time for hobby projects now that I'm working and socially active. I even am pretty lazy about housework and those sort of home ownership projects everyone else seems to do. I have no idea how more normal people stay sane with even less time to relax (due to kids, projects, overtime)... 'little wonder there's so many stress related problems.

Anyways, I took a relaxation day today to mow my lawn and generally catchup on sleep and my stress levels. Part of that was a little moe work finally. I re-integrated the UI additions/changes into the game. I'm going to try to just refactor/press ahead with the object design I have now rather than another redesign. This is going to make certain stuff nasty and/or unworkable like timely pathfinding. And it might make the memory usage too large to play single playerish... But hopefully it'll at least get done/playable.

Maybe I'll learn how to better finish things along the way.
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