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Progress so far

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Orbital Fan


Well, this is the progress of my engine & tools so far:

*Started 'conditioner' tool : this is a java command-line program which i've just called 'Builder'. It takes my textures, meshes, etc which are in typical file formats such as jpg, obj - and it writes them out to a binary file which the game engine can very quickly load. I think this tool is the most important one of the bunch as it's the way to make fast file loading at runtime, and can also aid in maximizing performance of the game resources. eg, it indexes triangle lists, etc. This is far from finished, but being in Java I find it doesn't take very long to add new features. Every asset that you want in the game will need to run through this tool.

*Game library : this is the bulk of the work, and is there to provide typical game/3d/engine related helper classes and functions. It's in C++ and uses SDL with OpenGL for rendering. I've got the basics going...

*Game framework : this is where all the actual game functionality would go. It's pretty bare-bones and the moment and simply opens a window with a 3d mesh and handles fly-cam controls.

A note about tools:
I think tools are VERY important in game development. It's not all about a snazzy 3d engine that does 10000000 triangles a second. The tools for my engine will most likely be command-line based because:
*Hate making GUIs. My day job involes making game tools with a UI, so I don't want to do it at home.
*Encourages the use of scripts for batch-building.
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