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3D Pipes in Direct3D 10 - Part 3

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Right, I closed off the last work item and decided that the foundation build was done.

Migrating a code check-in to release status seems unnecessarily disjoint though. Unless I'm missing something I can't go into the source code page and tag a check-in as belonging to a given release and/or as final for a given release. Closest I can find is that I download the checked in code and then upload it as an attachment to the release.

Where's the sense in that? Surely from an admin point of view it's just duplicating data stored on their (free) server..?

Now that's out of the way, I've created [Alpha-1] Simple Geometry Processing PoC as a planned release. This reveals another oddity in the system - version numbers. I can see it being easier to leave this completely user-defined as people have different systems, but surely a dedicated text field for "version" or "phase" or something isn't too difficult?

Boring admin out of the way, my next planned release should give me something interesting to talk about here. Provided I actually get any time to write code in the near future [headshake]
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