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More Money $$ and No Coding

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Yesterday, I finally received all the details for my new position @ work. With out going into full detail its a pretty intensive learning list. The product that I will be supporting and doing full upgrade and revision code for features several languages I need to be up to speed with. Those languages are C/C++/C#/ & I'm cool with everything but the which sucks, I hate it and will never like it....I'm trying to find a way to just wing it with that one. Irregardless, I'm just ready to really learn the new tool which it self is a pretty tall order. I can use it for my game development exploits due to it's awesome code coverage, performance analysis and error detection capabilities which is incredible. So when I get up to speed I'll talk more about it for sure.

The more money part though...I'm driving home from work with all this on my mind. Ready to get home and get started on some extra training (reading pdf's) as I prepare for the new position. So, I'm doing about 70mph on the hwy in the fast lane and my car just cuts off, WTF?... Right, it cut off twice! Scared me so bad and pissed me off so much that I went to the dealer and bought a new car last night. I just cant afford to have transportation issues due to the high visibility of this new assignment.

I ended up getting a Chevy Trail Blazer exactly like the one below. Which meant I didnt get home until late last night and had no time to look over my stuff for work let alone do any coding on my engine.

Now it just cost's me several hundred dollars a month to go to work when it used to be free [flaming]

Oh well...

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Hey, congratulations on the new job and the new car ;)

That is a pretty vicious pong paddle O_O, but it looks cool. I finally had the time to check out yer video -- looks neat -- lots of bouncy things everywhere is always fun. Did you get your collision worked out?

Hopefully your new job won't prevent you from keeping your journal updated with art [and code] goodness =D

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Hey Shadow :)

Thanks, the pong demo is uber vicious LOL...

Anyway, I was really a reluctant car buyer and didnt want it but what is one to do?

In regards to the job slowing me down with coding and art, it should be the opposite since it's all related now (gamedev). Before this I had been doing a lot of J2EE development so I'm happy to be back in the world of M$.

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