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My to-do list

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Okay, here's the plan so far. . .

1. Remove protections from daily puzzles and host 'em on Mochiads.com. This is done and seems to be working fine.

2. Minor updates to the standalone games (Windows and Mac). This is the first update to the games in over six months, so I'm happy with that. They're pretty stable. And this is now done.

3. Get the games working on Kongregate.com. This is pretty easy to do now that the protections are gone, and I have two games up there now. But their little "how much revenue" page that's supposed to show how many people have played your games and how much money they've made currently shows zero plays and zero revenue. Although I know people have been playing 'em. So I'm gonna figure out why my games are making zilch on Kongregate, and if it doesn't get fixed I'm gonna pull 'em off.

4. Fix the broken daily puzzle awards and add more awards. Some daily puzzle fiends are a mite obsessive about the awards, so I need to keep 'em nicely updated. I have three cute new ideas for awards, so that'll be next.

5. Daily puzzle number twelve.

6. Standalone versions of daily puzzles 6-12. I'm not yet sure if I'll just make the existing puzzle pack into a 12-puzzle pack or if I'll make a Puzzle Pack 2 with the remaining six. We'll see.

7. Uber Bulldozer II. The new level-builder is about half finished. I think I've made a couple of unique additions to the whole box-pushing genre, but it remains to be seen how well it'll play.

8. Figure out why people think Paris Hilton is attractive when she's got that freaky droopy left eye that kinda makes her look like Alfred E Neuman.

9. Contemplate Larry the Cable Guy.

10. Nap.
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Recommended Comments

Yeah. They still talk to the same database (on thecodezone.com), so if you get an award, it'll stick with your account, provided you log in.

The only noticeable difference should be that the annoying ad appears over to the right (on top of the chat window) of the game rather than directly on top of it.

And I can't shut that ad off, so if you're a game owner who wants to skip all ads, you should stick with the ones on thecodezone.com.

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