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i can see clearly now...

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i was thinking to myself that it wouldn't be so bad to make a 3d game, i've had the thought a couple of times. as long as it was simple and easy to use and build for, then i'm not losing right? well, i was putting alot of thought into it today and...

i have, right now, such a clear goal that it pretty much writes itself. i've played with the plush3d library in the past, so i have a good idea of how i want things set up as far as basic objects go. i've played with wings3d in the past and i really liked how you make things in it; coupling that with the knowledge that i only want to build a cube- (block-) based world, the interface for building maps becomes incredibly simple. i want sprites for most (all?) of the objects.

sure, i don't exactly have a game there. but if i write actionrpg with these new goals in mind, i've got something visual that's actually pretty exciting to build for me.. the graphics engine and mapbuilding alone makes me want to code. actually having a goal for these things is even better, because with proper effort i can take on any part of the project and work on it at any time.

i'm headin out for my exercise and when i get back hopefully i can start drawing up some plans for this.
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