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Feature Analysis Draft 3

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Hail All,

Well, I was gone a week and then I needed to get caught up at work so things were put on hold for a bit. Unfortunately, as in all things, we must sometimes prioritize. At any rate...

Since we've been away from the MiniMORPG development for a week or so, I figured it would be a good idea to go ahead and post Draft 3 of our Feature Analysis (Design Document). This will give us a chance to reflect upon where our design is heading so far, and remind us of the design decisions we've made.

I'll continue to work on Draft 4, which besides a few minor changes, will be the final draft of our Feature Analysis. At that point, we'll start looking at the game systems, available API's, and ultimately begin development of our technical design document. Wont that be exciting!!! [grin]

EDIT: Due to the horrible formatting this causes to my Journal, I will instead post a link at the top of the journal which will now contain the most up to date Feature Analysis, Technical Design Document, etc...

You can also find the Feature Analysis Here.

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Good to see you're back. I was starting to get worried something happened to you.

The list looks good :).

I know how it feels trying to catch up on work I just had a horrible time catching up to a weeks worth of work I lost because of a hard drive crash on my laptop, but I have since then set up a remote sync so that will never happen again. Thank god. Plus I now have a faster hard drive.

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I read that you are going to use C# for this workshop, if you've never programmed in C#, could you then follow this workshop or not?

Edit: by the way, thanks for doing this, allthough there might be a possibility of me not joining in this adventure (due to restrictions in programming experience), I'll certainly will be following this workshop !!!

Really hope you'll continue doing this and after this, maybe start with one in using SDL, OGL or DirectX9 or maybe even 10?

Keep up the good work JWalsh !!!

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Hey there,

Just wanted to add a note to also mention that I'm very excited to see someone doing this. I check here all the time for updates. I'm sure if anyone can do it, you can. Hope everything is going good for you and look forward to any future additions.

Kind regards,

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