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I'm quite looking forward to the MAGIC competition. Due to my stint in hospital I missed the last Ludum Dare 48 hour competition, and it's been a while since I took part in the previous one (about a year and a half I think).

On the down side, I've got to go back to the hospital for a checkup that weekend, so I only get monday-thursday, and half of thursday will be spent travelling. I figure that what with work that actually gives me less time than a 48 hour competition. [sad] I may take a few days off work and get two solid days in, which is just about long enough to do something playable and halfway polished.

Either way, I need to start getting my libraries in order ready for use - lots of hacky experimental stuff has been creaping in and I need to either chuck bits out or do it properly. I want to pull the renderer out of Snowman Village and into a shared lib too - nothing fancy to start with, just something that'll let me chuck sprites and fonts around easily and with a minimum amount of fuss.
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I'm hoping the long lead time before the contest start gives everyone a chance to get their stuff together before it begins. I'm certainly hoping I get everything done so I can join in. And it's just in time for 4E6 too!

I hope though that such the contest being three weeks away doesn't mean the excitement dies off when it actually starts.

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I'm glad you're OK after your stint in hospital. I look forward to what's coming next, namely the part where I kick your ass at the contest and get all the women. [wink]

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