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jumping the gun

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I've been releasing Beta's when actually... when I think about it... they're missing to much to be Beta's. They're more like Alphas! So I renamed them. =)

Released Alpha 1.2 today. With some fixes. Gonna fix some more in the image support section (actually, DrunkenCoder's the one doing that) and I'm gonna look more into the uninstalling part.

For/after Alpha 1.3 I'll make the installer. Then it's going for the GUI!!! Gotta learn C#.NET for that, heard it's the simplest way of making forms. And I need SIMPLE! ;)

Well it's late. My girlfriend's coming home in ... OMFG! less than 8 hours, in the airport! so that gives me *brings up windows calc, to slow in the head now* .. 8 hours from now... 1 hour drive... 1 hour moan-I-hate-waking-up-time... gives.. 6hours!! ARGH!

*panics to bed*
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