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Status update...

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As I mentioned in the first entry, I wanted Bennu to change color when he touched "bonuses" spread across the screen. My first attempt at these bonuses was a catterpillar which would slide on top of the existing blocks and scenery. I had some complications making it "stick" to blocks on 90o turns and so it was left on hold for now. My next and current attempt is a kite.

The kite and the Bennu are similar objects, they are composed of rigid objects connected by joints (both rigid bodies and joints are defined and controlled by the Farseer physics engine). Both have a "head" and a "tail". In the Bennu's case the "tail" is composed by the connected dots he uses to swing around the screen.

In order for the kite not to fall down to the ground instantly, I added a property to the Farseer physics engine which allows a rigid body to not be affected by gravity. An alternative would have been to always thrust the kite up, simulating wind, but this was easier. ;) Right now, the kite turns around every N seconds, but in the future I'll make it follow a pre-determined path.

I've also added an explosion effect everytime the Bennu destroys a block. Basically the block is divided in several smaller blocks that are then projected off the screen. In my first attempt the smaller blocks were affected by the physics engine like all objects on-screen, which caused a crumble-like effect on the destroyed block. Unfortunately this proved too CPU-consuming. :(

Click here to see a video of the latest build.

As you can see, the kite movement is quite dumb at the moment. :) The fluttering of the kite's "tail" is done by applying opposing forces to the rigid bodies composing the tail.
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