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Haha, so much for not updating. However, I'm just going to keep one big entry and edit it for everything I do over the next few days. A good chunk of tomorrow is going to be messed up (you'll see why tomorrow night.)

Okay, I gutted the game code, redesigned the engine a little, and now things work like I think they should.

First off, maps now have scripting hooked up. I can create and move entities and lights. I can also set the ambient lighting and fade the ambient lighting to a color over time. I also set up the engine so now the user can control any entity.

I just got done finishing the GUI alignment code. So now I can align controls via their parent (if they don't have a parent the whole screen is used.)

Now, onto some scripting stuff; mainly getting it to wait for actions to complete before moving on. Seems I have to learn LUA coroutines. Yay! -_-

Yea, I haven't done any work because my step family came over and things aren't going well for my niece (they pulled her from public schools because she liked some guy, have taken everything from her, and she's not allowed to see her best friends anymore because they drank some liquor) so when she comes over I try to spend as much time as possible with her. Hopefully once I get my own place she can get emancipated and move in with me.

Anyway, I'm getting back to work now.

Ok, it took me forever to finally get working; was having a really hard time focus. I did finally though; other wise I wouldn't be updating lol.

I've been thinking ahead in the game and remembering what I originally wanted and I've taken a few steps to bring back some of the things I wanted.

First off, as I said earlier, I've added the ability for the user to control any entity.

The next thing I added was a hostility setting for each entity (hostile, neutral, or friendly.) If the entity is hostile you get hurt, otherwise it just gets in the way.

Also, I made a design change. Originally I was going to go with a straight-run level based design for the game (beat level 1, go to level 2, then 3, etc), but this seemed kind of boring, decreases the replayability, and leaves no room for expansion. So, instead I'm going with a path design. You'll play through levels and depending on what happened/who you're playing as, you might end up following a different path.

This also leaves me open to add different paths, like maybe a path where you're an alien or something. Only problem is, now I have to figure out how to do the password system. I'm thinking a script file is the way to go. Meh, I'll figure it out later. Time to do some more work!
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