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I'm not dead yet, and neither is Spineless.

I just ordered a domain and web hosting (been meaning to do it for at least a couple of years now) to act - among other things - as the new web home of Spineless. Code, downloads, issue tracking etc. will stay on Sourceforge, but the new web site will begin its life on the new domain. I've yet to decide what I'll build the website on, since I'm tired of manually updating HTML code, but I have a few (wiki-based) options I want to try out.

I've also started programming again. I know it's been too long since I got anything real done on Spineless (or any other project for that matter), but my brain hasn't been completely idle in the meantime. I have even scribbled some notes on engine and game design on ye olde paper (as opposed to ze computer). A good sign of progress: the old Spineless code and design doesn't look too good to me anymore, at least not all parts of it.

If enough of you fellow developers cross fingers, I might do a Real Journal Update (you know, with something to do with engine or game design and/or programming instead of the supporting fluff) in the near future.

Ps. there will probably be a slight name change for the engine.
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Original post by Mushu
Who did you buy hosting fro?m (I *just* bought a dreamhosters account an hour ago) :3, a small Finnish company.

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