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Nearly done...

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So, less than a week left now, although I have two more assignments left to finish off; one for friday and one for monday.

I hadn't infact looked at either of them until about 4pm wednesday, heh, so cutting it a bit fine; didn't stop me going to see Spiderman 3 with a friend this evening however [grin] (for the record, while it certainly wasn't the best film ever and some of the story line felt a little 'forced' it was an amusing 2h or so of my life spent... but then I'm not a massive Spiderman comic book geek either so I'm not as jaded as many who didn't like it).

The assignment which is due in midday friday (why midday?!?) is basically a '3d box viewer'.
I'm writing it in D3D using C#, mostly because it's a window'd up and because I can't be bothered to arse about with .X file loading in OpenGL (plus I've still not found a GUI I like and well, that's kinda important for this).

The laugh of this project is after only about 2h work I've practically got a 2:1 grade covered, need to model some 'boxes'/'packages' and add them to a list of things which can be displayed, knock up a few labels and add light changing ability to the application and that's pretty much it covered.
Frankly, a first is too much hastle, Professional user interface is mentioned; hi! do I look like an HCI monkey?

Still, as experiances go MDX is working for me [smile]

Other assignment is some writing rubbish about adding AI to a common object; I've decided to give a bike some AI to assist with gear changes, mostly because I'd like one to exist, heh [grin]. We dont' make or program it; just write about it. Few thousand words = few hours work... I could have both done and dusted by midday friday, which is the first due date.

Then, with only a presentation to get ready for it's on to new ideas!

Of which I had one on the way down to my friend's house;

We've all played Tower Defense games I'm sure; where wave after wave of monster wanders down a path and you have to kill them all with towers.

Well, I'm thinking of a twist on this;
You have your main 'town' on a map, this town grants you a certain view into YE Olde Fog-o-war; from this fog comes the monsters, the catch is they come from any direction.
You can place upgradable defense towers around your town, which are used to kill said monsters and increase your view distance (which then limits where the monsters can spawn and come at you).
I like the idea of a future style game play so you'll have a number of different towers with different characteristics (for example lvl 1 laser; fast rate of fire, low dmg, med range, instant hit) as well as say visual range enhancing towers and sheild generator towers (sheilds form between them and stop monsters until they break though which breaks the sheild until it recharges).

I'm as yet to decide if I want each map to have a wave limit or just be based on the idea of the player having to prevent the monsters from having enough space to spawn in.

I'm as yet to decide on any restrictions with regards to towers, current ideas I'm knocking around are;
- power lines required to connect towers up (town(s) produce energy automagically so no resource collection required)
-- maybe just use a 'power field' system so that one tower broadcasts energy for weapon and defense towers
- does population size matter? If it is allowed to grow over the rounds should this effect things such as sheild regen. rate or RoF on towers?
- 'settler' type unit to allow town spawning/building

It goes without saying that the monsters will get stronger each round [grin]

Anyways, that's my inital idea, thoughts anyone?
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Sounds pretty cool.

There's one I played recently called "The Lost Castle" where you have to build houses to get enough people to man your towers, then you need farms to supply the people or else your towers will be much less effective.

Maybe you could have power generators to power your towers and maybe fixed power-distribution-nodes that the monsters could alternatively attack in order to shut the power off to some sections? Then I guess you could have some tower-types that are more dependant on power than others. For example, lasers would be much less effective and would run out of batteries quickly without power. However machine-guns would have almost no reliance on power, but would do less damage, or cost small amounts of money to fire, etc. I guess for backup you could build extra battery-arrays connected to towers to keep 'em going longer once the power has been shut-down.

Hmmm, might be getting too complicated...

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What about combos?

A more or less recent tower defense game called Onslaught had these.

For example, 2 machine gun like turrets with their damage maxed out would lay mines.

Add a missile turret (also with damage maxed out, if I remember correctly, maxing out damage sets them in "combo" mode) to them and they will lay even bigger mines.

Then you had laser turrets, your best bet with them was to put them in a serie, so they can shoot at eachother transfering their power to the first turrent shooting at the monster.

I'm going to keep an eye on this one. ;)
I just hope it will also run on my 9200SE... :(

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