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Stop Poking Me

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Im finally at a computer w/ photoshop installed so heres (some) of my designs:

Also I brought two books yesterday: 'Better Game Characters by Design' and 'Engineering a Compiler' this brings my full library to look somthing like this:

'Engineering a Compiler' | 'Better Game Characters by Design' |
Game Programming All In One | C++: The Complete Reference |
PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites

There more - fi : A lot of Discworld books (the colour of magic, mort, etc)
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I definitely like the third one more than the rest. I'm no artist though, so I really can't determine why. It just looks cleaner.

Anyway, I get to take a compiler course next semester... hurr. I should look up what book we're going to be using. Be sure to post what you think of the book when you're done reading it!

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Intresting you should say the firs becuase thats what everyone in my class thought as well.

Ill post defintly post somthing about the book though from a quick look at the first chapter it does seem geared towards students.

FYI most people recommend the 'dragon' book for students but I cant give a fair review of that book as I dont own it.

- sorry for the extra large images - i scaled them down 30% and thought that'd be enough - clearly my judgement was wrong :/

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