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Rasterizer is finished...

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Jason Z


Rasterizer is finished
The rasterizer is finally finished as far as I am going to take it. It is surprising to me how delicate the algorithms are for rasterizers - you really take for granted what the graphics API is doing for you until you have to do it yourself!

Anyhow, with that finished I am going to move forward a bit and see what my next couple of tasks should be. I would like to develop a few different procedural generation techniques. This would of course be attached to the input of the vertex shader, or even just writing to a memory buffer for use later (similar to render to vertex buffer operations).

I have also been looking into image processing lately. It is really quite an interesting field, with many different algorithms available that are widely documented. I may add a couple more processors to perform image processing operations on a given memory buffer as well. This could lead nicely into post processing capabilities, so it will be interesting to see where this goes!
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Congratulations on completing this monumental task of writing a 3D software renderer from the ground up! I've just begun to delve into the realm myself, and am very curious about a number of areas that you've passed. Are you considering writing any articles about the various techniques/algorithms you've employed?

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