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Progress report

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In the last couple of days, I've (re)written, in alphabetical order:

  • Event management
  • Main loop
  • Tasks
  • Window management

I've also almost finished with the rewritten Collada importer. After that, it's time for the scene graph and renderer.

The biggest difference to "old" Spineless is that everything's much more generic and flexible. For example, it should be, at least in theory, much easier to support wxPython instead of Pygame, or even DirectX instead of OpenGL. This is a huge change. The old Spineless had this level of flexibility only in the audio package. I'll probably write details about the new system in a future entry.

I've ordered web hosting and already got the account on their computer. I'm now waiting for them to confirm my domain name. Then it's time to install a wiki (or something) and build the new Spineless web site.
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Great to hear things are (so swimmingly!) on track, Selkrank. I'm looking forward to seeing the website you conjure for your project, as well as more background information and documentation about it.

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