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Thoughts on being a tools programmer

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So, with the first three weeks of work behind me, some thoughts on programming tools:

On one hand, I think I'd rather be working on game code. When looking at the game as it is now, I can't look at any part of it and say "Hey, I made that". I feel a little detached from the game as a result. It's not my game, it's just a game that happens to be made by the company I work for.

On the other hand, it's basically my job to make everyone else's life easier. It feels great when an artist or designer looks at a new editor feature I implemented and talks about how much they like it and how much it's going to help them in their job. In a way, it's a much better feeling than just seeing that my AI works, or that my renderer can actually draw something to the screen.

All in all, its definitely a good experience, and I enjoy it quite a bit.
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