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Software Rendering Articles

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Jason Z


What to do...
There has been some interest expressed regarding software rendering articles. I have thought about writing a few articles regarding my flexline and some of the interesting possibilities, but those are on hold until I find out about a few proposals that I have made (I'm keeping my fingers crossed again...) But I didn't think there would be much interest in the software pipeline - I thought the interest would be about the framework instead.

So my question to the readers of this journal: Are you interested in a software renderer article, or would you rather see a different topic for an article? I have to admit, my software implementation is not very fast - in fact, I would say that it is likely slower than most open source software renderers. The most I could offer is to try to clarify the subject and answer common questions with the article.

On the other hand, I could investigate and write about other rendering topics or methods. I enjoy writing and researching different methods (which is why I wrote the soft renderer in the first place) and adding them to my engine, so I would gladly accept topic suggestions. My current personal interests are starting to turn to image processing, but I am certainly open to suggestions. What do you all want to hear about?
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In particular, I'd like to hear about how to get the most out of the most performance-intensive portion of the renderer (to my knowledge): the triangle drawing. I've been having trouble getting decent speed out of mine, so I'm curious what tricks you've used to keep the speed up in higher-poly situations.

In general, I'd say the optimization portions are the most sought-after, from myself. The overall stuff is pretty plentiful on the 'net, but articles on implementing said 'overall ideas' would be of great help, since performance is absolutely key in a software renderer. Additionally, something covering the basics -- in terms of renderer structure, organization, and management -- is a neat topic. I haven't seen much in the way that actually explains how to really lay out (design-wise) a 3D renderer.

But in all likelihood, anything you can throw in our direction will be helpful. [smile]

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I say go with the software renderer articles.

A lot of good software rendering texts are pretty dated these days - sure, maths lives on, but the style they're written in mostly predates what we know about GPU-accelerated graphics these days.

I think that puts even more value on these articles. Using it as a platform there is huge scope for explaining and discussing many issues that are very relevant on high-end GPU accelerated shader-driven implementations. Understanding the low-level concepts and how they're still relevant (despite being abstracted away) is important.


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