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Major Interruption in Journalling

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So it's been a bit since my last journal entry, at least relative to the pace that I wanted to maintain. I got concerned about design issues again, largely because I was thinking about how to integrate scripting into my design. I had always wanted scripting to be in it, but I didn't try to integrate it immedately. However, after all this work with states, it started to be clear that I wanted states to be as fully scriptable as possible. I felt that this would be an important place where scripting could allow radip development.

So I was thinking about that, but didn't care to put it in the journal in case I changed my mind. I don't want to look like I keep starting over; that's so stereotypical (and so typical of my own past). So I was going to wait until I came to a firm decision and justification. I was learning about various scripting lanuages, since I hadn't really used any much before. Mostly Python and Lua. I decided on Lua, and was working on compiling Lua, Luabind, and getting them to work in my program.

And then politics interrupted. Since around the 14th or 15th, I've been spending a whole lot of time with stuff dealing with Republican/Libertarian Presidential candidate Ron Paul. Not a single ounce of work on programming or game design. I'll let you know when I get back to it, though, for anyone who is interested. I wanted to get into the 6th 4 Elements contest, but it's hard to do when you're distracted.

And yes, I had to plug Ron Paul. Research him. And then vote for him, regardless of your party affiliation (he'd make a far better uniter than Bush), both in the primaries (if you can), and in the general election. Do it!
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I thought it was funny when Guiliani tried to score some points by throwing Paul under the bus at the last debate.

Much as I think Paul's the only reasonable choice on that side, he won't sell out to the religious right, so his chances of being the candidate are about nil. As McCain has learned, unless you swallow your pride and suck up to Dobson, you don't get far.

It's a better bet that he drop out now and run as a Libertarian.

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I'm remaining optimistic. On principle, I don't want to contribute to the whole effect that if people think he can't win, he truly can't win.

There has been a lot more news about him (a lot negative and smear-ish, but a lot of positive too), and he's getting some invites to significant (as in national) shows, so he's in a lot better position now than he was a week ago. With care, Rudy's reaction will be to Ron's favor, as long as the smear campaign doesn't end up succeeding.

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He seems exceptionally too isolationist at first glance. He also strikes me as the sort the libertarian party tends to promote; that is to say anarchists.

(No they're not the same you joking reply-sters... libertarians promote personal freedom, anarchists promote lack of government. While these tend to coincide, it's not absolute. The government can and should act as a trusted third party and public services where private enterprise would not serve individual interest.)

But still, it's good to see varied approaches.

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I don't agree with him on everything. However, I do believe that this country can be run successfully under a variety of different policies. What is needed isn't as much the right policy, as it is the right policy makers. All the other candidates seem to be far too tied to the status quo, and to corporate and other special interests, to be able to objectively run the country. Ron Paul comes across to me at least as far more objective and principled, and could do a better job as president with his policy ideas than any of the others could with their policy ideas, even if their policy ideas are, on their own, better.

But I can definitely relate to the concerns people have.

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