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Design Part 2 : Genesis

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The more design I'm doing, the more I'm realizing what an epic system I'm creating. I've had a vision of the ideal systems that I would like to see a game for a while. I've seen a lot of attempts at these systems, and some games have done them well (in regards to ai and object interactivity), Oblivion for one did a great job at this with the Radiant AI system and the Elder Scrolls series in general is a good example of object interactivity, but there is always some limits to this. Meaning, you can pick up any object in those games, almost but then your interaction with those objects is very limited. I really want it to be open enough to the player to be able to do as minute or intricate a task as possible, as long as it falls within the broad rule set of the game. Such a system is IDEAL, so it may never see true fruitation especially from a single developer/programmer/designer/sound engineer/artist who doesn't have a whole lot of time currently. But hopefully some day that dream will be able to see light. And I'm going to do my best to concentrate on developing such a system for this game, as time will allow.

So, the game worlds genesis is still coming a long pretty slowly. I just set down about an hour ago to work on it for the night. I initially started writing the background for the game about sixty years before the current time frame. But as I've been doing research and thinking more, I'm realizing that for the enormous concentration on lore and cultures in this game, I'm really going to have to go back and work on designing a complete history for this world. Tolkien style. Probably not that in depth, but enough to give the world a good footing.

I've also decided to have a concentration on languages in the world and use a combination of derivatives of Japanese Hiragana and Katakana, English, and Spanish. A blend of these three languages will be the worlds main language, although the origins of the languages will be more prevalent in certain areas as the use of say Spanish will be more noticeable in the north eastern part of the world. Also, it's a rather simple ploy to get the players interested more in the cultures of our own worlds and do a little bit of edutainment. Also, it forces me to learn more about those cultures as well. And this is where a lot of the ideas of the games lore will be coming from, and has inspired the main ideas of the game so far, as far as story goes.

Some other things about the world so far, I still haven't decided on a name for the actual world yet. I have created the land masses although I haven't done any regional development. I haven't started working on creatures or defining races, although I'm thinking that I will simply have something similar to our races, where it is simply physical appearance based on regional differentials that define us. I think I will go away from a using an exact replica of a human however, as I do want to incorporate some heavy mythology and come up with an art style that will stand out among other games.

Over all, things are pretty much in a state of chaos at this point, but I forgot how much I love designing games as well as programming. It's good to get back to the designing though, I really missed it. More tomorrow.
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I really want it to be open enough to the player to be able to do as minute or intricate a task as possible, as long as it falls within the broad rule set of the game.

Well, how broad a rule set are you aiming for? While some degree of interactivity-with-everything is good (See: NetHack et al, The Developers Have Thought Of Everything syndrome), there's always an upper bound. Do you have any specific goals yet, or just a feel for what you want? :3

I think I kind of know what you're getting at; possibly a kind of intended emergent behavior. You could write the system with a rule "paper burns". Thus, when you bring a book which is made out of paper towards a flame, it ignites. A set of seemingly simple rules produce a much more complicated simulation, etc. I probably completely misinterpreted your post, lulz.

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