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Ding! You Got Sound!

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Trapper Zoid


Last update for the day:


SDL Mixer took a bit of hacking with the compiler to get working, but it's linked in and working now. I couldn't find a ready-built linking library for MinGW32 so I had to compile my own; unforunately I've never been able to get those configure files to work properly under Windows so compilations took more than a little bit of hackery. The result seems to provide the hooks to link with the pre-built Windows SDL_mixer library however, so I think it's good.

Current audio features implemented:
  • Basic initialisation.
  • Core of the audio resource manager
  • Ability to load in wave files to the resource manager via PhysicsFS and SDL_Mixer
  • Playing basic sound effects

Currently I've got as far as being able to press the space bar and have a drum sample play, so I know it's working. There was a bit of lag with the defaults recommended; I'll need to play around with the settings to fix that.

Next up I'll need to plan a bit more of the audio system for how to deal with stereo effects, multiple audio channels and playing music, so I'll wait until I've got a clearer head tomorrow before tackling that (as well as testing on the MacBook Pro). Since I've got the system going "thumpth" when pressing a key I'm fairly confident I can get all that wrapped up in an evening.
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