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2d tilemap and sprite project!

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i'm starting a new project. very simple, very concise, very possible to get done. what i need to build right now is a 2d visual library that takes directx and sets it up so i can build and show a tilemap as well as sprites on the tilemap.

goal! 2d tilemap. requirements!
- single layer
- animating tiles

goal! 2d sprites. requirements!
- multidirectional
- selectable animations

basically i want a visual system for use in mdx under c# that i can use to build a zelda gameboy title. i'm not interested in mechanics, i just need something that works and isn't too slow. making it easy to use is important too. on top of the code needs, i need a tool to be able to build each of these things.

the library will require you to call the code to do the drawing with, so if you want to draw anything on top of the tilemap you can. ideally there will be a routine to sort the sprite list. you will need to call another routine to draw the sprites with as well. i want it set up so it isn't all just done for you, so you can do your own things between or over the tilemap and sprite layer, even between sprites themselves.

this is an ongoing project that i should be able to step in and out of at any time.

that is all.
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Heya, just a suggestion, but you might want to look into the SpriteBatch functionality in XNA. It can do drawing of sprites (duh) with built-in rotating as well as depth-buffer, scaling and a few other goodies.

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