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AfterBurner Beta

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A few months back I came across a rather interesting paper on generating radiosity lightmaps (Radiosity on Graphics Hardware). The reason I found it so interesting is because it uses quite clever techniques to do nearly all of the radiosity calculations on the GPU. So, I decided to give it a go [smile]

I made some decent early progress implementing it, but then took some time out to do some terrain work with XNA and was also working on a DBP entry. With those out of the way (or cancelled [wink]) I was free to return to my radiosity [cool]

AfterBurner Beta

It is written in C++ (mainly to prove that C# hasn't made me soft [wink]) using DirectX 9 and it has actually been loads of fun, especially optimizing it. I was able to reduce the time it takes to perform 256 (16x16) hemicube shots/emissions from nearly a minute, down to as little as 1.5 seconds [grin]

On a whole though it is still not blisteringly fast (the screenshot took quite a while to render), as to get a decent level of accuracy, I have to increase the resolution of the hemicube as well as the resolution of the textures. I also have to shoot residual energy from the topmost mipmap level, as shooting from a lower mipmap level can produce some nasty artifacts [sad]

As you can see from the screenshot, I am still not completely free from artifacts (even when running on quite a high level of detail) but I am still working on it (I did say Beta right? [wink]) The most notable artifacts are around the base of the rotated boxes, where the luxel's centre is occluded and so fails the visibility test, even though the luxel itself is partially visible. I will probably be able to fill those in as a post-process on the lightmaps when packing them, but I am not sure yet if that will work [smile]

Anyway, you can expect to see more of this as it progresses (I'll be giving this project it's own page on my site shortly) [smile]

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