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Ok, I've been thinking about things and if I add the multiplayer stuff I was planning on, it would take the game in a different direction from what I want. So, for now I'm sticking with campaign (solo or 2-player coop.) We'll see where things go once I'm done with Invasion.

I do however need to do some refactoring and fix some problems. XInput isn't quite working perfectly (for some reason, sometimes when it's run the shoulder buttons don't work so I have to close and restart the game and then they'll work.)

Also my GUI needs some reworking. For one ordering and such isn't taken into consideration; so if two dialogs are over each other and you click, both dialogs receive the message.

I've come up with a really good map design idea, all I have to do now is implement it. Hopefully it is as uber cool as I think it is lol.

I've got the rest of the day off plus tomorrow, so we'll see what I can get done.
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