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What's going down...

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Ok, I've made up my mind. Invasion: Fall of Man will have a campaign mode with either solo or two player coop (second player can join at any time.) I'm going to look into doing a setup similar to Baldur's Gate where person A sets up a game and person B can ask to join by entering the person's IP address.

I plan on doing another 2D shooter after I finish Invasion which will be full multiplayer. However, actually doing it will depend on what I'll need to run it. It will most likely be more like Skirmish, so I'll see if I can get some info from HopeDagger.

I went out and bought a second 360 controller so now I can get started on the coop system. First though, I need to fix the bugs in my GUI and upgrade my map system.

I'm also working on getting the website all finished. I'm working on making the entire website use a generator style system. The main page is already using it. Now I need to work on getting my projects and gallery systems setup.

I need to figure out everything that needs to be done so I can update my list of milestones at the top.

*runs off to work*

I just got done moving my room around so I could test I:FoM on my bigscreen...<3. It looks beautiful. However, I didn't have music running and I realize now how badly I need to get sound programmed in.

Anyway, I'm going to design everything out now and then get some programming done. I've decided to stick with the bigscreen until I get bored of it; then I'll move back to the little-bigscreen.
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