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It has been 10 days sence my last entry, Work has been crazy! I have actually canceled my hangman project, but the string class seems to be a partial success. The reason I have decided to cancel the project is because I actually prefer the standard string class, and do not have enough interest in re-designing something I wouldnt need. Why fix it if it is not broken ... right? I am Now working on a project with a team of 4 people, which I cant say too much about. I will be posting updates and the executable for everyone here to use.

It will be made in Visual basic .Net version 2005, along with irrlicht. It will send info to and from the server - client via winsock. Until It is done I cannot actually reveal much more then this. If you are interested in joining our dev team, you are more then welcome. Send me a PM if you are interested! Talk later guys!
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