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Monday again

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It's monday again and a new labour week has begun. ARGH ! In 15 minutes we'll hold our weekly meeting and up to now my tasks for this week will be : synchronize development and release source code enviroment, do some checks about active data transfer for FTP, clean up the NTP protocol implementation, setup an oracle database on a linux server and move a clients user database onto the server and test it. That would be enough for a week of work but I'm almost sure that I'll be charged with some new stuff...

I've finished my part of the post mortem for "Dr Electron". I've send it to my publisher and (hopefully; *hint hint*) he'll take a look at it today, alter it and send it back to me to be published here.

This week-end I've been thinking on what I want to do next. The major part of the vertex- and pixelshader implementation in my engine has been done and I have to test it to see where I have to do some improvements.

I've decided which game I want to do next. An incomplete game design doc does exist but I know where I want to go. I cannot tell you much yet about the game but what I can tell you is that : a) it's turn based, b) it's playable via internet and c) it will be mod-able. I've started the implementation yesterday evening. It will be completely data driven (thus the changement of unit information and level data could result in a total different game using the same base rules). I'm not sure if I'll put the game rules into scripts. I don't have much experience with script engines thus it would raise the development time. If I would do it, my choice would be LUA since I have some friends who have already worked with it.
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