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Had to switch back to the monitor. My bigscreen only supports 1360x768 and that just isn't tall enough to develop in =/.

I'm working out a few kinks in the GUI system. One of the biggest being I wasn't using smart pointers -_-. Don't know why I decided to do that, but now I've got it (almost) completely switched over. I also added a Z value to components for render ordering. I'll be using the same value to control message as soon as I can.

Then there's this:

Got multiple player's implemented (the way the system is set up I could go up to four people, but I'm sticking with two. Everything works right at the moment (I'm going to move the scores; player one's will be bottom left and player two's will be bottom right.) The only thing that needs to be fixed is the camera system. At the moment it follows player two and player one can just get lost somewhere. I'll fix this tomorrow.

Oh, and I need to get player two's section of the key mapping dialog setup.

Ok, bedtime.
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