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New Screenshots

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I've spent the last three or so hours fixing bugs and making things work right. Now if there is only one player then only one hud shows up. I also added a function so that scripts can check how many players there are.

I also changed the main menu and the paused menu. I liked the look of the old versions, but they seemed more like dialogs than menus and it just didn't seem to fit to me. Here are the new ones:

And I just realized that I STILL need to work lives in.

One of the big bugs that I fixed was the fast-movement glitch (happened when changing from state to state and when the app went inactive and then active again.) I've known what the problem was, but my fix wasn't working. Probably because I was changing the wrong variable lol (I had forgotten about the other variable because it's inside a function.) Anyway, that's fixed now.

Once I get the camera system fixed I'll upload a new demo for you guys.

Oh, I also made it so controller sends WM_MOUSEMOVE messages to my window. This way the GUI interacts correctly with the controller and mouse (before nothing noticed it other than when I sent a click message. Now buttons highlight when you hover them, tooltips activate, etc.)

I decided to take a small break and make this:

It's not for the game.

Upgraded the shadows. They looked okay before, but the fact that they were pixel-y look really crappy. So, I added some blur as well as shortening the shadows; adds more perspective and makes them look better imho. You decide:
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Original post by Namatsu
the text in the menus feels a little close to each other.

Yea, they do look too close. I'll try spacing them out some. Thanks!

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