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Still here...

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Long time, no update.

Since I last updated, the project is now much closer to being a real game.

We have implemented all of the cloning functionality I mentioned last time, and it's pretty cool.

Here's the gist of it :

You find a space ship at the end of the first level, and on that ship are a teleporter device and a cloning chamber.

You use the teleporter to go to a level, Once there, you can scan enemy corpses to gather their DNA. Once you accumulate a certain amount of DNA for a given species, you can create a clone from the cloning chamber, and then inhabit the body, gaining the characteristics and abilities of that species.

You also become disguised to other members of the species until you start attacking them.

If you die on a level, your ship reconstitutes the last clone, and you appear back on the ship. Once you re-outfit yourself, you can teleport back to the level, which is as you left it, including any corpses and items you left behind.

Just today I added silent save point triggers, so returning to a level sends you back to the last trigger you touched, rather than at the level start, which could be quite a distance from your corpse.

Here is a shot of you as a bull-man :

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Glad to hear things are still progressing! I was getting worried about your lack of updates - thought the project may have vanished with them [oh]


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