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COLLADA et al.

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Sorry, still no awesome new screenshots. [smile]


Basic model loading has been working for a while now, though I still need to finish material loading and clean up the code. I'll add support for more COLLADA features as I need them, to avoid spending too much time on this alone. Though it was initially a bit confusing, I'm starting to like the format more and more, especially since it looks like it's getting widely adopted. Which hopefully means better tools and documentation. I also noticed they're working on a run-time file format (COLLADA is only meant as an interchange format). I hope it'll turn out good.

After that, next on my internal (as in, in my brain) todo list is the scene graph. I'm not sure how it'll turn up, but the old implementation was getting quite messy and I want to remedy that. I will keep the basic ideas and structure however, as I really like its ease of use.

I want to stress that this is not a complete rewrite of Spineless, as I'm cut-and-pasting large chunks of code from the old implementation and keeping a lot of things the same in general. I just thought that starting with a clean slate would be the best way to address the biggest issues I had with the engine. So far, it seems I was correct. style-wise, the biggest difference is the change from mixedCaseAttributeNames to lower_case_with_under_scores.

Web site

I got my domain today: it's, though there's nothing to see there yet. Spineless will probably get a new home at I forgot to ask them to enable MySQL support since it's not enabled by default, so I can't start working on the new page until tomorrow. I want to build the new site on wiki / CMS type software as I'm tired of updating HTML pages manually. I think I'll also add a separate developer site based on Trac, since it should interface nicely with Eclipse. Two different wiki engines might seem silly, but my personal opinion is that Trac is good for managing development, but not for sites meant for the general public (even if the general public consists of other developers).
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