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I've just been discovering how to create custom controls in VS C# and have them available in the toolbox for all Windows Forms projects.

It is so easy, I'm in shock.

I remember trying to make Borland C++ Builder components a few years ago and tearing out my hair in frustration. It is so easy in C# that I just don't know what to say except, "Well done, Microsoft, you deserve all the money."

You just derive your class from either UserControl or an existing control. While this file is part of your project, every time you build, the componet appears in a section in the toolbox in the project and you can bung it on a form, edit the properties, everything.

When it's finished, I start a new Class Library project, copy paste the code for the component into the file and build.

I then move the resultant Release dll into my new References folder, run VS again and do the "Select toolbox items" or whatever from the Tools menu.

Browse to the DLL, click OK and all is done. It is that simple.

So my VirtualScrollBox component that I was asking about a few entries back is now fully functional in my toolbox.

Map.NET is getting started again now with all this in mind.

The only thing I haven't figured out is how to provide the image for the toolbox, but I don't actually want to know. The whole point of learning this is to increase my productivity and messing about for hours trying to get the icon for a component to look right is only going to waste time.

So please don't tell me if you know how to do it because I'm really happy as I am at the moment [smile].
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