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updating teh blag!

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i got some stuff done today. first i figured out how to draw a textured triangle in 2d - using mdx in a c# winform app. had some kinks, but i got it.

after i got this, i figured the tilemap editor would be easier to make than the sprite editor, so i started looking at how i wanted the gui interface. i made a mockup to start with..

.. and started looking at how i'd implement each panel. controls with auto-scrollbars expect a large control surface and the last time i tried this, the app slowed down really bad when you had a large enough surface. of course, i was using winG+++ and not dx, but i still don't like the idea of enlarging the inner control just to get the scrollbars to scale how i want them.

hmm. actually, thinking about this... if i have a low-impact control like a panel and put a viewport-sized control IN that panel that moves to keep itself centered in the viewport... that saves me a whole crapload of work! i can just render to the viewport-sized control and not have to draw the whole map every time.

anyways, gotta wrap up. laters
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