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Design Part 3

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Well, I ended up missing my journal entry for yesterday, but not to worry. I'm back on track this evening. I got a pretty good bit done the last few hours on solidifying a back story for the world. It doesn't seem like a whole lot, but I have a more solid idea of how I'm going to approach the main story elements now.

Without giving too much a way. Here is some info from my design.

I decided to call the world Morea basing it on an acronym. It turns out it was a real place too and translates to the Land of the Rebels in Greek or some such thing, which I thought was cool.

Morea Origins :

Morea exists in what is called Realm Del Ensayo (or the realm of trial). It is but one of many realms that cosmic beings of all levels exist in. The realm was created by high ranking Creator Beings for the sole purpose to provide a realm for deities and other beings to be challenged to learn and grow as cosmic entities.

Since the inception of time in this realm, there has been present, seven deities each representing and controlling a element of power. The elements are Earth,Water,Fire,Void,Knowledge,and Time. The deities were placed in this realm for various reasons but ultimately there presence has preserved balance for the lesser beings of the realm. The deities are tasked to remain in Ensayo until the time when they have reached a certain level of enlightenment, at which time they can transcend to another level of existence.

The deities are recognized throughout the cultures of Morea and are respected and even paid homage too. For the most part however the deities are not actively involved in shaping the world, but rather act as conduits for the various energies that they represent. Occasionally a deity may make contact directly with lesser beings .

Examples of the deities are

Gernikako Arbola (The Giant Oak) - The Deity of Time

Kakashi(The Scarecrow) - The Deity of Knowledge


This is just some general background information. I still need to finish defining the remaining deities and really define them as characters.

Essentially, they will exist in the game as normal NPCs but with special attributes and powers. However, I'm going to continue a model of emergent actions for the deities themselves which should allow for the main story line to end up being as dynamic as possible. I'm being pretty vague I know, but I don't want to give it away ;)

Mushu Wrote

Original post by Mushu

I think I kind of know what you're getting at; possibly a kind of intended emergent behavior. You could write the system with a rule "paper burns". Thus, when you bring a book which is made out of paper towards a flame, it ignites. A set of seemingly simple rules produce a much more complicated simulation, etc. I probably completely misinterpreted your post, lulz.

That's essentially what I'm aiming for yes. But I want it too be broad enough so that if a book catches on fire and the book is dropped inside a house with flammable objects, that the house would burn down. Then the property would have to be rebuilt, and the resources would have to be shipped there to rebuild it, and it may take sometime to rebuild. And all of it would be automated by the games ai, unless the player owned the property. Once again this is ideal though, so such a system may be beyond the scope of this project, but as stated previously I'm going to shoot for something that at least closely resembles this ideal.

Well, I've got a little bit of time before bed, so I'm off to work on trying to get an art style going again.
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