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Almost... there...

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Prinz Eugn


I have two days of school left, and one exam to worry about very much, Physics.

Click *ping* -OW!

Remember that airsoft gun thing? Yeah, I got mine and it's pretty much the 3rd or 4th coolest thing ever:

There's a sharpie marker there for scale. It works really well and my friends and I have played a few small-scale games, which were ridiculously fun. The magazine capacity is downright tiny, so I was gonna get some spare magazines, but when I looked there was only one available on the internets, and it more than half of what the gun did, so I just got another one for, um, spare parts...

I also managed to spread the word of airsoft to many of my younger classmates, which I consider a personal charm victory(never mind that airsoft guns crazy-cool), so by my graduation party this saturday, the respective armies may number in the fives of mans.

Let me list the weapons so far, mainly for my reference-
Me- G36C, G36C, mini-pistols x 2
Sir Sapo- FN P90
Kyle- Crappy M4/ Sig Sauer
Sean- UZI
Eric- 870 CBQ Shotgun, Colt pistol
Curtis- MP5
Brett- Steyr AUG
Ryan- G36C again (jerk)
Chris- Colt Mk IV (semi-auto spring, but hurts like a bitch)
Sascha(German guy)- M4, Walther P22(all spring)

Me and Sapo also have another pistol we co-own that we could loan out. The thing is that a lot of these may not be here in time for this weekend(kind of spur-of-the-moment), but next week is gonna be kick-awesome.

I'll leave you with this link, which took an immense amount of willpower to resist purchasing.


It's getting done-er, but it's slow going with school, etc.

I better work on my stuff for AP art,

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Original post by Sir Sapo
My P90 would kick your G36's ass anyday.... just thought I'd get that out there...

Bullshit, homes... wait 'til I be dual wielding that shit, sucka *pop pop*

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