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Looking to performance...

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Jason Z


Looking to performance...
Alright then, only two responses out of about 200 viewers isn't really an overwhelming majority - but it was a 100% vote for the software renderer articles [grin]. The trouble is, as I mentioned before, that my rasterizer isn't all that fast currently. So I am going to take some time to research some optimization techniques for CPU. I'll be posting here in my journal about what I find and am able to do as I go along.

Any article writing will be predicated on making some progress with the speed. I have always wanted to learn a bit more about low level optimization - I know basic assembly, but haven't ever gotten down to the very low level stuff. In order to get anywhere with an optimization scheme, I am going to need a few things:

1. Some form of profiler
2. Resources on utilizing processor cache
3. Resources on CPU performance (approximations to functions and the like)

I'll have to take a look around on the various forum faq's to see what is available, but does anyone have any suggestions or pointers for any of these points? I assume VTune would be the best profiler, but that costs lots of money that I don't really want to spend right now. Are there any open source profilers available?

I am hoping to get some support from you optimization masters in this area - hopefully we can get a decent set of articles together for everyone to learn from!
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