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Wikipedia is retarded

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Last week I noticed that they put up the "spoiler warning" tag for deletion. In my opinion this is one of the most useful tags in wikipedia since often times I want to find out basic information about a movie without being exposed to a crucial plot point.

Naturally, I felt compelled to voice my opinion about how dumb of a move this was, since wikipedia is packed full of useless tags, and they want to delete the most useful one in the entire encyclopedia. So I voted "Keep" for the tag.

My vote got deleted, and an automated bot posted this nice little message for me:



And that settles it. Wikipedia is retarded.
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An online encyclopedia that anyone can edit, managed by a team of laborious pedants who spend every day combing for individual word choices they don't like?

Wikipedia is like watching a team of people with OCD try to arrange grains of sand on a beach while everyone else in the world comes and tries to build sand castles.

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Please come and participate in our discussions, even though we're going to completely ignore you. You see, it gives us a sense of self-satisfaction to humiliate you for your opinions; it makes out for later in the night when we have to go cry ourselves into sleep.

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Original post by TANSTAAFL
Find a way to implement a Snake game in Scratch.
Agreed. Every minute you spend agonizing over a website's policies is a minute you could be spending writing a game, getting laid, planting flowers, learning to crochet, etc.

Although I'd like to see JetLag in Flex, just so you could one-up TANS.

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Original post by johnhattan
... getting laid ...
You do realize that doing that will cause my journal to clolose, right?

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