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Is all the world a stage?

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I blelieve this to be one of my most important entries (and the only in a long overdue time) because it addresses money, quality of life, mental health and gettin' a game done...

To all of you I give you this message.

A job is a job and it can only be no more than that. Someone can take a job from you but they can't take your career. They can't take your abilities. They can't take your track record. They can't take the thousands of hours you've spent since childhood behind a computer honing your skills. They can't take the fact that you are a computer programmer.

I've been doing whatever programming I can get done while in a place that made me miserable. I wasn't even in game development. I was working for a web site and the stress finally got to me. I ended it.

More accurately, I walked. Luckily our Employee handbook clearly states that "walking" is considered a resignation and not a firing offence. Therefore, I still hold my track record of never being fired. Still, I walked.

My message here is that if you're in a situation where you're loved ones are telling you that you're a miserable shit and need to leave your job to be happier, don't hesitate. Just update and polish that resume and do it way before you have to come to the conclusion that I've come to.

I've got the money to back myself up and (while not working on getting a new job) I'm building a game. I'm finally building Tech.
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