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Head = explode

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Right, not a particularly interesting entry today. More a "out of office" notification.

Seems that the s*** really has hit the fan w.r.t. a project I'm involved in at work. Just imagine a rapidly approaching deadline where we must have various resources and have effectively missed the ordering window - so getting resources to hit said deadline is almost impossible now [headshake]

Consequently my spare time is, well, nonexistant. Thus '3D Pipes in Direct3D 10,' the forum FAQ and editing of my book are all temporarily suspended [sad].

Keep watching this space - they won't be gone for long...
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Welcome in Crunchworld where coffee is served in your personal oil barrel with free refill.

And yes adding more people to a project that is already late would make it even more late.

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Coffee by the barrel... [wow]

The problem with this project is it's not really computer/IT based, so a lot of sourcing is for garden equipment/materials/tools. Lots of phone calls, visiting stores and so on. It's not like we can just lock ourselves away, switch off email and code for hours on end...


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