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Tiny Flash RSS - A PHP Flash RSS Reader

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Here it is, a tiny flash rss reader which uses a php script to process rss xml.

It uses lastRSS to process the rss feeds which is nice because it allows server side caching. I made this for anyone to use and have included the source code which you can download below. I made this mostly as an exercise in flash (actionscript) but I'm hoping someone will make use of it. I forgot to mention it supports multiple feeds and allows the user to switch through them seamlessly.

You can view an example flash object using my blog's RSS feed here.

Download : Tiny Flash RSS Source

In flash related news, I'll be moving the way of the flyman soon and start making a flash game. Something fun and simple. You know... for kids.


I'm looking forward to the long weekend here in the states. I've got my telescope unpacked and will be heading out to the countryside to see if I can spot some galaxies. My scope is one of those fancy Celestrons (no it doesn't have GPS) so all I need to do is calibrate it and send it on its way. There's nothing like looking up.
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reader's working fine here. FWIW, I use a similar reader on the front page of, with the same PHP-based gateway to break outta the Flash sandbox and read blogspot.

It's actually reading anything on that's tagged as "siteupdate". That way I only need one blog and it only shows site updates.

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