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As I said before, while im learning Allegro I will be tracking my story and details of the game like charchters and items here. It will be good to plan that so when I get ahold of allegro I wont have to spend time doing this.

Ok main Char will be: elios Hyperion, birth not known, resides on neptune, a Mineing outpost.

I really dont want to set her looks right now, as this will be something I want the graphics person to take time with, if thats not me down the road.

She will be Female, im going to say about 26 - 27 ish in age. Smart but unlucky for being born to where she will be in the story.

hmm...ok chapter1 Neptune I will start writing on later, also im having a blast installing Allegro ! no really i am :)

Ahh I just have to savor it, your only a newbie once.

Oh and I cant not forget this, the title has changed, It will be Eight, not Nine, most smart people here I bet will figure out why that is because of the story being about the solar system, but i dont want to ruin a suprise I will be building into the game for the enduser. Cool beans.

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Regarding your question earlier about Allegro:

I heartily recommend it. I used to Allegro to write Membrane Massacre (up on the Showcase) as well as for several demo/prototype projects, and couldn't recommend it more -- especially over SDL. Both are evenly matched in terms of speed, but Allegro provides so much glue/helper functions that make life so much easier compared to the much more nitty-gritty SDL.

Good luck with your project! (And stop discriminating poor poor Pluto!)

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